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Our work

All the members of the family of Ifootballpro International Management share the development values of women’s football worldwide.
In the XXI century there are, in general, many access and development barriers imposed in football for women.
In Ifootballpro we can not understand football as a king sport if women have not got the same rights and duties as men in football.
Football is only one, with two different genders, but as only sport. The female gender in football has progressed dramatically in the past decade and will continue like this in coming years.

Our company is dedicated exclusively to represent women football players. We know firsthand the female international market thanks to our large team and synergies built on trust with the best clubs around the world.

We can proudly say that some of the best women players in the world today and tomorrow are and will be part of Ifootballpro International Management family, thanks to the trust placed in us, both by the women players and by their environments and clubs.