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Legal, tax and labour consulting

In Ifootballpro International management we believe that each client must have a 360º legal advice to offer solutions to every legal problem.

For this reason, we work with professional accredited lawyers with long experience in the world of international football to resolve any inconvenience.

The Sports Law is today an area of ​​transversal activities related to other classical branches as the Administrative Law (federations, sport, doping), Labor Law (professional athletes), Commercial Law (sports corporations), Civil Law (challenges of agreements, sports accidents) or Tax Law (taxation of non-profit organizations and sports foundations).

Only a multidisciplinary team can successfully face the entire legal advice of entities, clubs and sports
federations as well as answer to the many questions raised by the professional practice of sports from an individual perspective.

The specialization in this field involves the global knowledge of the different branches of Law (civil, bussiness, labor, tax-administrative and even criminal), which appear intermingled going into each other and converging all of them to the successful end of the professional service we are entrusted.


Labor relations

Application of the special employment relationship of professional athletes.

Collective agreement negotiation-

File processing for work permits and residence for foreign athletes and their families.

Sports discipline

Cards Impugnments

Appeals to sanctions of committees of sports discipline in federal, administrative, arbitration and judicial via.


Advice for the preparation and execution of sponsorship contracts.


Advice and defense.

Sports compulsory insurance.

Civil Liability of sports organizations.

Civil Liability in the organization and development of sports activities.


Taxation of sports organizations not under the special tax regime for non-profit entities.

Formal obligations (quarterly and annual), tax management and inspection, analysis procedural and redaction of simple writings in tax via and economical-administrative.

Taxation of athletes, coaches, referees and judges, referees and agents.

Image and trademark rights

Planning of the exploitation of image rights of the subjects involved in sports practice.

Advice relating to the transfer of the image rights to exploit with advertising purposes.

Advice relating to the transfer of the image rights of professional athletes  to clubs and societies.

Legal protection of the trademark.

Relations between agents, athletes and clubs

Advice for the preparation and formalization of contracts related to representation and sports rights.

Advice on monetary claims.

Data protection

Advice on legal obligations regarding to the treatment of personal data of sports organizations

Top and high performance athletes

Requirements for the acquisition of the condition.

Benefits of the recognition of the condition.