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  • 25 Feb 16
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Know better…
Nayadet López

Nayadet López is probably one of the midfielders with more projection of Spain, ex-player of Valencia CF and currently one of the captains of Sporting Argel of Alicante. Nayadet is pure talent and character.

Now we have the opportunity to know her better…


1) IFBP: When did you awake you wanted to dedicate football?

At home, my father always talked about football, my brother played and I always went to see, both matches and training, and when I was 9 years old I left rhythmic gymnastics to decided to play football to follow his steps.

2) IFBP: What have you studied?

I finished the Primary School. And I’m currently finishing the practices of sport physiotherapy, teaching riding.
I am also getting the A2 German.

3) IFBP: What are your sport goals?

My first goal is always to improve, I want to become the best and work for it.
Winning the league and winning the playoffs with my team and promote to first division.
I want to play in first division again.

4) IFBP: Who is the player you have as a reference?

The truth is that as a reference not follow anyone but if I love Vicky Losada for his style of play, for his sporting career and her position.

5) IFBP: What do you think needs to change in Spain for to have a professional and competitive league as in Germany, England, Sweden, France, etc?

I think we need many things. But the main one is to professionalize the first division. Having contracts, health insurance and to contribute.
Sponsors both clubs as individuals and more interest of the people. I think we are years to get up to these countries.

6) IFBP: What would you say to those girls who want to play football and unfortunately today they encounter obstacles to play football?

I would say that if you really want is to play, play, either boys or girls who they like, to fight for what they want, and there are no obstacles but you put yourself.

7) IFBP: How is Nayadet in her daily life?

I’m very active, at morning I have practice, in the evenings German class and then training. I am very careful both power and physical. On days when I do not train with my team I go to the gym. I live and work for football.

8) IFBP: How would you define yourself as a player?

I’m a fighter, I have quality, vision, I’m very tactical. I would define myself as the leading match time, which delivers the ball from behind but can also take the final pass.

9) IFBP: Are you the kind of people who see any football match or choose the matches that you see?

See any type of match, boys, girls, Spanish league, English, German … everything. Saturdays do marathon starting from 12 girls to 10 last game is televised La Liga.

10) IFBP: What is the goal of the team? Will you Reach?

The objective is clear from two years ago, winning the league and win the playoffs to play in the top.
If we work for it and even now we are not where we would like to make it.

11) IFBP: Where do you see yourself in 2-3 years?

I see myself getting my goals in a top level team.

12) IFBP: You’ve played in the first division with Valencia CF, how was the experience of playing in a big team of Spain so young?

An unforgettable experience, learned a lot from my colleagues, rivals and different coaches. Valencia is my team from tiny, I can say that a dream come true.

13) IFBP:We’re not going to put in the commitment to tell you what Spanish club would make you excited to play, but if you had to choose a European one, what would it be?

Choosing one is difficult, but I think it would be Bayern Munich.




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