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Know better…
Alba Hoyas

In this interview we know better Alba Hoyas, one of the goalkeepers with the greatest potential. She was trained in the low ranks of Levante and Valencia. This season you will be able to watch her play in the V Group of the Second Division in the CD Canillas.


1) IFBP: How and when did you start playing football?

I think that we all have started playing with our father or brother at 4-5 years old, but when I started competing was with about 11 years. It was by chance, while I was in an alley of my town playing, some friends approached to me insisting and inviting me to play with them in the team.

2) IFBP: What does it mean for you to be a football player?

For me it is dedication, passion, struggle and vocation. Being a football player is a profession that I love.

3) IFBP: What kind of difficulties have you had to overcome in your career to become the player you are today?

Early mornings hahaha…

I’ve never had the facility of my parents taking me to matches or workouts and it was difficult for me. Also, as in the case of many partners, boys didn’t let me play with them for being a girl. But I have never given up and even less now that I work for overcame myself and I fight to get the position as goalkeeper in my team and to be the best.

4) IFBP: What do you think it should change in your country so that women’s football has a further development and an impact in line with your work and effort?

Well now I have known a little bit more what is women’s football thanks to female Spanish national team that qualified for the World Cup in Canada and that is a big step. I also believe that institutions should rely on our professional treatment (I don’t mean that they treat us badly, hahaha) but they should recognize us as professional football players, both at first and second division, in short, equal to the male gender.

5) IFBP: Can you tell us what are your athletic goals in short and medium run?

My main goal is always the same, to learn, improve and strive to reach the farthest.

We are going to know you a little bit more …

6) IFBP: Do you study or do you want to study something?

Yes,I do, and now I would like to start with national police examinations.

7) IFBP: What is your favorite music group or singer?

You caught me!! Hahaha… I love music, all music that touches my heart, I try to do special every song I hear.

8) IFBP: Your favorite song is …?

It’s truth! I haven’t answered you in the befote question but I think any song of the group “Maldita Nerea”.

9) IFBP: The last time you went to a movie, what movie did you watch?

I can’t remember it.. it was a long time ago, but I think that it was “Birdman”. I love comedies and thrillers.

10) IFBP: Favorite actor and/or actress?

That’s difficult….ummm…. It’s very common but I love Angelina Jolie, I like her a lot.

11) IFBP: The last book you read was…?

The last book that I read was Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons”, I have enjoyed it and I recommend it.

12) IFBP: Beach or mountain?

Difficult choice but I prefer the beach.

13) IFBP: What is your favorite food?

AH: Definitely you put it difficult hahaha!!! I really have no major preferences, but if I have to select one, lentils, ummm I love !!

14) IFBP: A city …

Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, I could do a pretty big list hahaha!

15) IFBP: Your last holidays have been in …

In Valencia

16) IFBP: Your last whim?

Some sneakers

17) IFBP: What can never be missed in your fridge?

The famous chocolate, hahaha!!

18) IFBP: Water, coffee or cola …

Although it will seem strange I prefer cola.

19) IFBP: Finish the sentence: It gets on my nerves …

…a silent match, that is, I like hearing shouts, emotions, see everybody speaking… that’s a real match for me!!

20) IFBP: Have you got profiles on social networks? Have you got many followers?

Who has no social network profile on these days? Yes, of course. Normal, not many or few, it is like.. I follow you, you follow me… I take the opportunity to say that you can follow me on Twitter at @ AlbaHoyas13, hahaha!!!


On the sporting side

21) IFBP: Your childhood idol was …

My childhood idol was Raul Gonzalez Blanco, the only one and the best.

22) IFBP: Have you got any hobby before you “jumped into the field”?

No, the truth is that not before… Once I enter in the field I touch the penalty spot, the crossbar and if things go well for me in the match making good saves, I try to repeat taking the pigtail on a certain way or I repeat with the same gloves again and again thinking that they give me luck, hahaha!!!

23) IFBP: Do you dream of playing for the national team?

Of course, every player would dream of such a thing, I tell you surefire, yes!

24) IFBP: How do you assess the participation of the Spanish team in Canada’s world cup?

Well a lot has been said or better said, a lot has been criticized according to the preparation with which we went to the World cup. I do not want to criticize it, but I agree that we needed another preparation. Before you have asked me about what should my country had to change to have the women’s football a little more recognized, and one of the things I wanted to highlight was the treatment and the inclusion as professionals, the preparation for the World cup would take that deal. If the peole who are inside our world or sector, why should outsider people have to do?

According to Alba …

25) IFBP: The best woman football player in the world is …

I couldn’t say, in the world there are many good players, but if I had to say one, i would say Hope Solo.

26) IFBP: And the most beautiful?

It’s me!!!! Hahaha!!! I’m just just joking. The players are beautiful either physically or inside, for me they are all beautiful in one way or another, and even more beautiful when we jump into the field.

27) IFBP: The woman may make her living from football as a man in the year…

Who knows…, I only say is that we will not surrender and we work every day to achieve equality in all aspects.

28) IFBP: The winners of  the Super-League 2015/2016 will be …

Difficult, there are very good teams in the Super League as Athletic or Barcelona and I think that those are always hard-fought games, but it will win the team that work and fight better and the one that put all the enthusiasm and desire to do so.

29) IFBP: Your goal for this year is…

Keep learning, working and climbing stairs, win the title and ascend to the premier league with my team.

30) IFBP: What would you be willing to do if you succeed?

I would not know what to say hahaha! I prefer you to suggest me a challenging… hahaha!!!

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