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Know better…
Brenda Pérez

Brenda Perez is a football player who has played for several top clubs in Spain: Espanyol RCD, Valencia CF and At.Madrid Feminas.

Brenda is a friendly and cheerful person with a charisma that immediately inspire love. Probably you have not had the luck to meet her personally. Now you have the opportunity to know more about her in a personal interview that we include below.


1) IFBP: How and when did you start playing football?

I started with 5 almost 6 (although since I was very young I used to play at school and at home with balls instead of dolls and other toys) in a “neighborhood” team called UE LLongueras. I decided to join this team because my two best friends incited me to do it. They had already joined the team and I was “blackmailed” by saying that every time they won, they used to go to a bar to drink coke and eat potatoes (when someone tell you that when you are only 6, it’s like going to have a fun night out today -hahaha-). It was so easy to convinced me that the next day I went with my father to make me the tab.

2) IFBP: What does it mean for you to be a football player?

Being a football player means more than a nickname or a hobby for me; it’s a way of life. Today I live for it (without forgetting my studies).

3) IFBP: What kind of difficulties have you had to overcome in your career to become the player you are today?

I’ve had to overcome difficulties like facing against guys when I was 12 and listen contempts for being a girl (because at that age the sense of the ridiculous is highly developed and I guess they were ashamed that a girl was able to dribble them). Also I had to learn to play much more than they did in team, compete with great and experienced players for the same position in premier league, etc.

4) IFBP: What do you think it should change in your country so that women’s football has a further development and an impact in line with your work and effort?

Hahaha… This is a typical question. Well, since the National Football team was clasified for the World Cup, the media and social networks have engaged more with women’s football. I think this is one of the main steps that it was needed, to have more impact on the society and thus go picking importance in a country where we are recessed to a lower level than men’s game. I also believe that the federation and the clubs should be professionalized (as F.C.Barcelona has just done). This is one of the greatest desires we can have. And many other things that if I continue speaking there won’t be more space to write, hahaha…

5) IFBP: Can you tell us what are your athletic goals in short and medium run?

My goal is always the same, whether in a short or long term: be persistent, ambitious, competitive, be a “sponge” to absorb everything that can make me a better football player, strict with myself and with my team (always positive) try to win trophies and do not take anything for lost even when it is already lost. For me there is no defeat, there is a learning (learning from what “I” and “we” have done wrong, so as we do not repeat the same mistake).

I’m a lover of the challenges.

We are going to know you a little bit more…

6) IFBP: Do you study or do you want to study something?

Yes, of course, I study Journalism, wanting to specialize in sports.

7) IFBP: What is your favorite music group or singer?

That needs a complicated answer … I would not know what to say (mmm) … well, possibly today what I like to hear more is bachata, salsa … (Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, Marc Anthony). But I could not tell a style of music or even a particular singer or group, because I like to vary the music I listen to so I don´t get tired of listening always to the same music -haha-.

8) IFBP: Your favorite song is …?

I haven´t got a favorite song, I like a lot of them!! If I had to choose one neccesarily I would say “Cheerleader – OMI” I have heard it during the summer, I do not know, It gives me good vibes. (she smiles).

9) IFBP: The last time you went to a movie, what movie did you watch?

I love going to the cinema and see all kinds of movies. The last time I went to see “The Minions” (shame face) …hahaha… But I prefer watching horror, mistery, drama or action movies.

10) IFBP: Favorite actor and/or actress?

What kind of questions are these!? -hahaha- I have no idea, there are many good actors and actresses … But, I prefer Adil Koukouh (boyfriend) -hahaha-

11) IFBP: The last book you read was…?

I enjoy reading, but if I’m honest, today I have little time to read a book peacefully if they are not notes of the University -hahaha-

12) IFBP: Beach or mountain?


13) IFBP: What is your favorite food?

Beans with potatoes and cutlets made by my mother.

14) IFBP: A city…

New York … Barcelona … Madrid … (I do not know!) (She smiles)

15) IFBP: Your last holidays have been in…

Marbella and at home (Barcelona) with my family (She smiles).

16) IFBP: Your last whim?

I’m pretty whimsical hahaha (joking) … Some Adidas sneakers.

17) IFBP: What can never be missed in your fridge?

Chocolate …

18) IFBP: Water, coffee or cola…

Although it’s strange I prefer water. I love Coca-Cola, but I prefer my daily water.

19) IFBP: Finish the sentence: It makes me nervous…

To be read on Whatsapp !! hahaha (joking). Well, easygoing people, as I say, “some seem to have “horchata” instead of blood in the veins”

20) IFBP: Haveyou got profiles on social networks? Have you got many followers?

Yes, I use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As for the fans, there aren’t are many as celebrities can have , but I don’t consider them to be few.

On the sporting side

21) IFBP: Your childhood idol was…

I don’t know…many as Zidane, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Raúl…

22) IFBP: Have you got any hobby before you “jumped into the field”?

I have many manias, I’m pretty superstitious. I am used to wear or do something before I start playing. If during several matches things do not go as expected, I change these things completely to see if these new ones bring me better feelings (my “staff”, hahaha). For example, wear the same headband in all the matches if things go well, put my cords straight before leaving the locker room, tie my boots before starting the match and then do it again before I start the game, put well my stockings, give 3 kisses to my left shin pad (is where I have my family) … (thinking) … and I think that’s it all. They aren’t so many, are they? Hahaha.

23) IFBP: When you score a goal, do you dedicate it to someone or you only go crazy in the celebration?

I usually dedicate them, but before that there is often a reaction of joy or anger.

24) IFBP: Do you dream of playing for the national team?

Any player dreams with that.

25) IFBP: How do you assess the participation of the Spanish team in Canada’s world cup?

Like them, I think there wasn’t a good preparation before the World Cup. We had a team to leave the level much higher in our country. I don’t doubt that the players did their best to get it.

According to Brenda…

26) IFBP: The best woman football player in the world is…

I would not know that answer precisely because I think there are many top players with different characteristics, but if I had to choose one, for her great dedication, commitment, work, proximity … I would choose Vero Boquete with who I could play in the Espanyol RCD and I could see her talent and personality.

27) IFBP: And the most beautiful?

There are many beautiful players. But unfortunately today there are many people who still have in mind a wrong prototype of woman football player, thinking that we can’t be neither beautiful nor female … They are completely mistaken.

28) IFBP: The woman may make her living from football as a man in the year…

We can not know that. I just hope to continue fighting to try to get at least the same rights as men as we practice the same sport. I hope that one day future players can at least have a good salary to live for it for several years.

29) IFBP: The winners of  the Superliga 2015/2016 will be…

I know it will be a closely fought competition this year, but I’m not going to decant for none, I just hope that the one that most deserves will win. It is a competition to be consistent in your daily work. That is what makes you great.

30) IFBP: Your goal for this year is…

Getting titles and I feel myself on the field again.

31) IFBP: Your goal for this year is…

Hahaha…Good question. I don’t know, I’ll tell you when I have the answer.




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